Yang jin sung and lee hong ki dating advice

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yang jin sung and lee hong ki dating advice

Hongki answered, "I really like and feel comfortable around both Park Shin Hye and Yang Jin Sung I was always the type to like older women. Yang Jin-sung (born June 27, ) is a South Korean actress. dramas, such as the male protagonist's dead ex-girlfriend in Secret Love (). Sinbu) is a South Korean television series starring Lee Hong-gi and Yang Jin-sung. [3] She is best known for giving advice to her family members and relatives during. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

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yang jin sung and lee hong ki dating advice

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yang jin sung and lee hong ki dating advice

Table 2 Open in a separate window Mantel-Haenszel chi-square test. Average household income was 3, KRW per month during the second quarter of in Korea. The total primary care quality score the average of the 5 domain scores was By the bivariate analysis, primary care scores of the 3 domains, i. Among 5 subscales of the first contact domain, only the first contact-utilization was significantly different in scores with the length of DPR. Between the shorter and middle term DPR, there was no significant relationship in the total primary care quality score.

Factors associated with the length of DPR In the model 1, the long term DPR was significantly associated with practice location small cities vs metropolitan area; odds ratio [OR], 2. In the model 2 after adjusting providers' factors, the long term DPR was significantly associated with some patients' characteristics including age unit: The previous study demonstrated that the socio-demographic variables of this study were significantly associated with primary care domain scores of the K-PCAT Therefore the authors controlled these confounding variables by multivariate analysis.

The more interesting finding was that this long-term DPR was positively associated specifically with the coordination function among the 5 domains of the K-PCAT in both bivariate and multivariate analysis. Coordination is essential for the attainment of each of the other primary care features. Without it, longitudinality would lose much of its potential, comprehensiveness would be made difficult, and the first-contact function would become purely administrative.

yang jin sung and lee hong ki dating advice

Descriptions of primary care from the physician's vantage often refer to the primary care professional as the patient's advocate or in terms of the primary care physician's commitment to people. To accomplish what these terms imply, the primary care physician must be aware of all of the patient's health-related problems in whatever context they arise The concept of the primary care physician as a chief agent and coordinator has been the professional response to the increasing complexity of medical knowledge and specialization.

Countries where patient choice was limited have taken steps to extend it, while countries with unlimited choice have been trying to promote rational health care pathways, notably by implementing gate-keeping. The effectiveness of gate-keeping depends however on the ability of primary care physicians acting as effective agents managing and co-coordinating the follow-up of patient care, while utilizing information available on the quality and prices of services supplied by providers of secondary care Initiatives measuring patients' experiences with individual primary care physicians will achieve different results if studies include patients who have seen the physician versus those whom administrative data indicate as established members of the physician's panel In measuring patients' experience with primary care physicians, patients should have a USC and have experienced its services before.

Therefore, to compare the patient assessment of primary care internationally or among institutions, it is required to have a common definition of USC. On the other hand, however, in using the K-PCAT, the authors applied the different definition of USC 22considering the health care context of Korea where the choice of provider by patients was virtually open, even under the NHI.

The temporal length of DPR is one of the quantitative aspects of longitudinality in primary care Longitudinality, in the context of primary care, is a long-term personal relationship between physicians and the patients in their practice.

Having longitudinal care means that individuals in the population identify with a source of care as "theirs"; that the provider at least implicitly recognize the existence of a formal or informal contract to be their regular source of person-focused not disease-focused care and that this relationship exists for a defined period of time or indefinitely until explicitly changed. Although the word continuity is usually used instead of longitudinality, the latter conveys the spirit better than the former On the other hand, continuity has been defined in numerous ways.

For example, Saultz proposed a hierarchical definition of continuity from informational to longitudinal to interpersonal However, in primary care it is "mainly viewed as the relationship between a single practitioner and a patient that extends beyond specific episodes of illness or disease" The US Institute of Medicine holds that continuity, defined as an ongoing partnership between patients and physicians, is a central and important component of primary care Many studies suggest that continuity of care can be regarded as an outcome, and research are needed in how to better achieve it 34 - If continuity of care is deemed an outcome, then it can become a benchmark of the quality of care rather than an independent variable In our study the length of DPR, one of the measures for the continuity of care, was treated as a dependent variable.

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The longer the duration of the DPR, the higher the satisfaction, even when factors such as number of consultations; age and sex of patient; age, sex, location, and type of practice and reimbursement of provider; and type of consultation, illness, and duration of problem are taken into account.

For example, patients in Norwegian general practices who had duration of relationship of more than 5 yr were over one-third more likely to report being very satisfied than those with relationships of yr In our study, it was interesting that the total primary care quality score of the K-PCAT was not significantly different in the bivariate analysis until the length of DPR reached 4 yr.

This suggests that a good quality of primary care will support patients to establish long-term DPR based on mutual trust. In Korea, expanded access to health care by the introduction of the National Health Insurance since has contributed to a marked increase in health spending The health sector has evolved based on competition among private-sector providers that maximize their profits in practice.

There is intense competition between hospitals, which run large outpatient centers, and physician clinics, some of which have inpatient care 4. Patients are free to consult any provider at any time without proof of medical necessity and with reimbursement by the NHI.

In addition, family physicians are only 8. In this health care background, the quality of primary care, especially coordination, can be expected to be poor in Korea.

Since most patients enter the health system at the primary care level, primary care is frequently seen as key to improving the coherence and coordination of care Primary health care is often fragmented in many countries, with little coordination among providers and among levels of care. Those most affected by poor co-ordination are older people and people with chronic conditions. They may require a long term DPR by high quality services in primary care with coordination function.

In our study it is expected that patients more than 65 yr old had much longer DPR compared to those less than 40 yr old. Lack of primary care coordination in Korea can be explained by our finding that practice location was a significantly associated with long-term DPR.

Large regional variations in the supply of medical facilities also create questions about access This study shows that the continuity of care the temporal length of DPR in this study can be hampered by the poor coordination in primary care in metropolitan areas like Seoul where health care providers are abundant and competitive.

The strength of the Korean primary care evaluated by the Starfield's approach has been reported as the weakest comparing to the other 13 OECD countries Therefore, the key policy priority for improving the quality of care in Korea should be the development of a strong primary care sector. This study shows the importance of the coordination function of primary care in the future primary care reform plan for long-term DPR. This study has several limitations.

First, in the context of the Korean health care delivery system, the data obtained only from family medicine practices are not enough to represent primary care in Korea. However, because there has been no official consensus about the range of primary care provider, regarding a family physician as a primary care provider is more reasonable than any other combination of providers for the homogeneity of data, in that family medicine is the only medical discipline claiming to stand for primary care and having an official residency program in Korea.

Third, other factors likely to affect the length of DPR were not controlled in the regression analysis, e. However, providers were homogenous in that they are family physicians who have experienced the formal residency program and run a solo community-based private practice.

In conclusion, the study shows that the quality in primary care is significantly improved after 4 yr of DPR and the long-term DPR is significantly associated with the coordination function among the 5 primary care attribute domains of the K-PCAT. In Korea, primary care policies may require having a focus on strengthening the coordination function, such as the gate-keeping role of the General Practitioner in the several European countries, to establish a long term DPR in primary care.

The results of this study would help policy makers design a plan to enhance primary care in countries with weak primary care infrastructures. The world health report World Health Organization; Starfield B, Shi L. Policy relevant determinants of health: Defining the concept of primary care in South Korea using a Delphi method.

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Am J Public Health. Is personal continuity of care compatible with free choice of doctor? Patients' views on seeing the same doctor. Br J Gen Pract. Continuous quality improvement for continuity of care.

Breslau N, Mortimer EA. Hjortdahl P, Borchgrevink CF.