Shandi and ernesto still dating

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shandi and ernesto still dating

Ernesto Arguello is confirmed to be dating Eva Longoria after meeting year, where Argüello ended up with former Miss USA Shandi Finnessey. Alexi Ashe, Engaged to Seth Meyers: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know [Video]. Jul 5, He ended up selecting former Miss USA Shandi Finnessey, but their hookup Sorry guys, still not dating @ernestoarguello Who are these. Shandi Ren Finnessey (born June 9, ) is an American actress, model, TV host and beauty . Finnessey was the winner for bachelor Ernesto Arguello, but the relationship ended briefly after the show. On September 24, , Finnessey announced on Twitter that she became engaged to businessman Ben Higgins.

Bill then asks her if she still had feelings for her ex, Kari says she is not in love with her ex. So who will be in the bottom two? Ben pulls Kari aside and basically tells her that he has real, unburned connections with the other girls and that he is doing them both a favor by sending her home!!!

When Allie comes back up from the garden, everyone is cheering and they are all just as excited as I am! Tim is next up, he is taking his girls on a road trip to Santa Barbara, his hometown. This is basically for Tim to show the girls how his life is on a constant basis, between the touring and the family life.

shandi and ernesto still dating

Most of the girls already feel threatened by Jenna because she has a pretty strong bond with Tim already. When they get to Santa Barbara, Tim brings his family dog and asks Danielle to help him give Shay a bath, Siham tries to butt in. Danielle very bluntly tells her to go away. Before they start washing the dog, Danielle strips down to her bathing suit and she gets Tim to take off his shirt off, the girls are really angry about this! Jenna and Tim really click well and I think they are really cute, they get pretty intimate too!

Tim then Hailey gets her chance, she is told not to tell Tim any jokes, she can joke with others, just not with him. Tim then gets some time with Sarah L. Now what do the matchmakers think?

shandi and ernesto still dating

Hailey is told that she needs to stop giving him reasons to not love her. Who is in the bottom two? Tim sends Danielle home! Finally, Ernesto is up, now remember, Shandi and Ernesto had a really intimate moment in the garden, so what will the other girls think if they found out?

Especially because Shandi is the first to kiss Ernesto! Alba has a secret she needs to tell Ernesto, she has been married and divorced and she is worried this will send her home because of his beliefs. Ernesto brings the girls on a speed boat and tries to get them to do some water sports, no not really just get them on an inner tube.

He asks her if she has ever been in love and she tells him that in her most recent relationship she was, this relationship only ended two months ago. She makes a comment that has him kind of worried if she has moved on from her ex.

Ernesto Arguello, Eva Longoria’s Boyfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Shandi now gets a chance to talk to Ernesto for the first time since their kiss, what do you know, they kiss again, this is not going to be good if it gets out.

She was also pregnant, however the baby was still born at seven months, she tells Ernesto all this and starts to cry and he just takes her in his arms and he admires her for telling him everything.

shandi and ernesto still dating

Alba telling him this was a big step for her and he respected her for coming to him with it. We met Ernesto and Ben for the first time last night, so let's talk about these cuties and their ladies I love that Ernesto is a philanthropist.

Shandi Finnessey

That's the mark of a good person. Crazy that he's never used the "L word" in any of his past relationships! I'll bet he's heard it a few times, though! Was anyone surprised that he picked Alba and Shandy?! My guess is no. I mean, they're both literally beauty queens! It kinda felt like cheating to me. Isn't the point that he chooses without knowing that they are good-looking? Regardless of his picks, Ernesto had a bunch of extremely beautiful women. Where are they now?

shandi and ernesto still dating

I love that the group date had a charity component. I've been there, and I can say that group dates are super weird.

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Throwing a bunch of girls together on a date with one man is a recipe for disaster. It's such a great idea to balance that negative, awkward energy with something so positive. That certainly doesn't mean that the girls behaved themselves, though—the claws still came out. I get a bad vibe from Olivia. Forget love, she's ready for a brawl! Come on…you're there for charity; pull it together! I agree with matchmaker Amber that Shandi handled it really well.

She didn't involve Ernie I wanna call him Ernie! The Bachelor and The Bachelorette: Shandi was the first girl picked to spend one-on-one time with him, and I thought she was a bit too methodical. This is such a great opportunity to really be yourself and let him get to know you. Mandy did a great job at this. She was flirty and relaxed. Giving a guy a half-naked hug isn't really my style on a first date, but it's a heck of a way to leave a good impression!

What can I even say about Victoria? I'm so glad he sent her home.