Robbie williams and nicole appleton dating

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robbie williams and nicole appleton dating

Former All Saints starlet Nicole Appleton has revealed she was forced to abort singer Robbie Williams' baby due to pressure from her record. Nicole Appleton has revealed how she aborted Robbie Williams' baby in a new book co-authored by her sister Natalie. works up a sweat at the gym with new love Sara Dinkin after split from Stella Maxwell They have only just started dating. ROBBIE WILLIAMS has laid into Liam Gallagher for cheating on his wife, Robbie Williams and girlfriend Nicole Appleton from All Saints.

Marriage to Liam Gallagher Nicole and Liam were thought to be happy even though he never looked it Image: Just 18 months later she gave birth to their son Gene. Despite his loathario reputation, things seemed pretty rosy between the two but in Nicole was with her sister and All Saints bandmate Natalie and their hairdresser on holiday in Spain speculating over who the mystery rocker currently making headlines for having a love child was. Hours later she received a call from her husband telling her the the man in question was him.

Nicole's abortion revelation 'tore Robbie apart' | Daily Mail Online

Nicole was married to Liam between and Image: It came out of the blue. Nicole was on holiday with her sister, son Gene and Lennon - Liam's son with Patsy Kensit - when he called to break the news Image: She had been talking about it.

Nicole filed for divorce and it was granted in 68 seconds in Aprilafter Liam admitted adultery. Read More The long distance call which ended a marriage: WireImage She clearly struggled after discovering the truth about her marriage but turned to her bandmates for support.

robbie williams and nicole appleton dating

When they released comeback single One Strike init was clear what it was about. Shaznay Lewis, who co-wrote the single with Nicole revealed in an interview with i-D magazine that it was her shock at his betrayal which provided the inspiration.

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On the other, it is profoundly shocking. Most disturbing of all is Nicole Appleton's description of how, during her relationship with the singer Robbie Williams, she became pregnant and ended up aborting a child she wanted to have.

robbie williams and nicole appleton dating

What happened has never been revealed. Only now, with considerable courage, have Nicole and Natalie decided to speak out about the past. The result is a book, Together, which the two have written in tandem.

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Serialised in the Mail on Sunday starting tomorrow and the Daily Mail next week, it paints a graphic picture of the music industry and the pressures confronted by its stars. I've always looked like the bad person. I want people to know what I went through.

robbie williams and nicole appleton dating

Both well into their 20s, they seem much younger, living - like adolescents - entirely in the present. In the Machiavellian world of the music business, it was perhaps inevitable that Nicole and Natalie, even as they scaled its heights, would at that time become its victims. Rarely can a celebrity memoir have had such devastating effect.