Rik makarem and sian reese williams dating

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rik makarem and sian reese williams dating

Emotions run high at the Emmerdale wedding: Nikhil Sharma (Rik Makarem) and Gennie Walker (Sian Reese-Williams) leave the vicar. Emmerdale star Rik Makarem, who has played Nikhil Sharma since played by actress Sian Reese-Williams who has also announced her. The latest Tweets from Sian Reese-Williams (@Reese_Williams). Quite short - quite welsh - a lot dramatic. Represented by Kat Oliver at Conway Van Gelder.

Shadrach had planned to leave his wife for Gennie's mother, Shirley Pascoe, but she died in childbirth. Feeling unable to take her home, he gave her up for adoption.

Gennie soon becomes close to her father and his family, although her half-sister Chas Dingle Lucy Pargeter is initially resentful of her presence and the attention she gets from Shadrach.

rik makarem and sian reese williams dating

Gennie tries to prove she is a true Dingle, and finally does so when she steals a client from Eric Pollard Chris Chittellmaking money in the process.

After growing close to Eli, they share a kiss but he tells her that he is not attracted to her and she insists she isn't attracted to him.

rik makarem and sian reese williams dating

Soon, Gennie moves in with the Dingles, which upsets her adoptive mother, Brenda Walker Lesley Dunlopwho is concerned about Gennie not having a job and her change in character. Chas convinces Brenda that Gennie is working at the vets, and for a short time, she does work there. On her way to a call out, Gennie runs over and kills a sheep. After this incident, her mother again tries to persuade her to come home, but Gennie refuses, saying she felt she like she fitted in with the Dingles.

Gennie is not happy with this as it means Brenda would visit more often. She then becomes close to many local residents and eventually starts to tolerate her mother's presence.

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Brenda and Gennie move into the vacant flat above the post office. Gennie joins the church choir after Nicola De Souza Nicola Wheeler hears her beautiful singing voice. Gennie is nervous about singing in front of other people, especially when she learns they would be entering a choir competition to help stop the church being closed as she was only comfortable singing when she was alone.

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They agreed that Gennie would stand offstage whilst Val Pollard Charlie Hardwick mimes to Gennie's voice, but at the event, Gennie is forced to take center stage.

They win a prize, but afterwards, Gennie is still too self-conscious to sing in front of anyone else. Gennie develops feelings for Paddy, and Chas encourages her, even though she knows Paddy is more interested in her.

Gennie sends him a Valentine's Day card, but Paddy thinks someone is making fun of him. Soon, Paddy and Chas get together and Gennie is hurt by her sister's actions. Bob's reputation is damaged as he is accused of stealing the money and he blames Brenda for distracting the delivery man and they have a bitter quarrel.

Gennie soon realises the truth and begs her family to give the money back. They refuse and Gennie is horrified that no one agrees with her, not even her father, but they patch up their differences a few weeks later. Gennie develops a crush on Bob, despite the fact he is married. They become close when Brenda moves in with Terry and Bob and his twins move into the flat with Gennie.

Bob is shocked when he learns of Gennie's feelings, who attempts to involve herself with other men to move on. However, they later sleep together and are shocked when Viv returns. Gennie and Jamie decide to move to Newquay when they are both offered new jobs.

At their leaving party, Bob bids farewell to Gennie and kisses her on the forehead, which Jamie sees.

rik makarem and sian reese williams dating

Jamie accuses them of restarting their affair and tells Viv about it. Jamie tells Gennie that he loves her, but is not sure he can trust her and he leaves for Newquay. Viv slaps Gennie for cheating withis racked with guilt that she never settled to naming him her father. Gennie becomes interested in Nikhil and is jealous when he starts seeing Chas.

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Gennie tells Chas about her crush on Nikhil, which leads to a scuffle. However, Chas dumps Nikhil for Gennie's sake.

rik makarem and sian reese williams dating

When Gennie finally confesses her love for Nikhil to him, he rejects her. He fights with Nicky and Gennie tells him to stay away from them. But he realises it is his fault they are all leaving the factory and rejecting what he is asking and he feels really badly about it. He's not being very intelligent with his actions. He is rubbing people up the wrong way but I think because he's not really like that at heart.

He's trying to be strong, trying to show a hard face but deep down he's very soft. When someone feels very insecure and at risk of having something taken away, they get their back up and behave with a certain aggression or energy to try to maintain a certain status or control.

It's not black and white and it's not simple.

Gennie Walker

If they get too much, however, he returns to his spiritual home north of the Border. Despite growing up in Derbyshire, he is something of an adopted Scot. He remains a frequent visitor. It's that thing once you become an honorary Scot you can never really lose it. It's where I felt most at home and that is the truth.

Tom keeps falling off on his cleats but we are doing all right. We are pushing 50 miles every time we ride just now, heading for It's a wonderful job. Who knows what the future holds but I am very happy playing Nikhil.

rik makarem and sian reese williams dating