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GCSurplus: What's For Sale · PWGSC Procurement Tools Quick . How will suppliers get the most up-to-date information about tender notices and amendments? is a core part of PWGSC delivering on its . them by email to a print shop or other professional printing services. Government of Canada Tenders on are available to view and download at no cost. You can also use web feeds generated by to stay up to date. If you have a question concerning please see the Tenders Contacts page. List of goods and services that PWGSC buys and key procurement Whenever possible, buyers have to obtain at least three bids through . date, the contract can be awarded. .. Innovative firms could sell their pre-commercial products and.

Create a web feed to follow your search result Select either the Atom or RSS feed icon on your customized search results page to create a web feed to stay up-to-date on new opportunities. When you select this icon it will bring you to a web feed page.

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Please note that these steps might differ slightly depending on which browser is used. Alternatively, copy the Buyandsell. Be sure to use the feed address that is generated by selecting the RSS or Atom web feed icon. How to follow a tender notice to get amendments Once you find a tender of interest, you can save your tender notice to stay up-to-date on any related amendments by bookmarking, signing up for email notifications or using a web feed.

Search for tender notices See the above How to search for tenders to learn how to search for a specific tender notice. Create a bookmark to save your tender notice Once you have customized your search criteria, go to your browser's "Favorites" menu item, and bookmark your page by selecting the "Add to favorites" button.

Give your bookmarked tender notice a unique name.

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This bookmarked URL will refresh with any new amendments when you visit again. Sign up for email notifications to follow a tender notice Select the email notification icon on a tender notice page: We will send email notifications to this email address when amendments or changes in publication status from Active to Expired, Cancelled, or Awarded are issued for a specific tender notice.

This field is prepopulated with the tender notice title. This text will be displayed in the notification email subject line of all messages delivered to your inbox for your subscription to that tender notice. The language of the emails you receive is dependent upon the language of the page you subscribe to. For example, if you are subscribing to a tender notice in the English language, the subscription form and subsequent email notifications will be in the English language as well.

If you switch the language on a subscription form, the French form will load, however it will not match the English tender notice you were originally interested in following. Generate a web feed to follow a tender notice Select either the Atom or RSS feed icon on a tender notice page to create a web feed to stay on top of any amendments.

Search for standing offers and supply arrangements related to your industry to find out who is pre-qualified and until when. You can also search active requests for standing offers and save your search as a web feed to get updated when new requests become published.

Get on a supply arrangement A supply arrangement is a method of supply in which a pool of pre-qualified suppliers is established to provide goods or services with certain terms and conditions pre-defined. We use this pool of pre-qualified suppliers to solicit bids for a specific requirement. Search for standing offers and supply arrangements related to your industry to find out who is pre-qualified and for how long.

Learn how to prepare a bid Every tender is unique, as are the bid requirements, so you should understand the general steps to prepare a bid: Review the solicitation document: Learn to ask the right questions, understand the security requirements, and learn about mandatory and point-rated evaluation criteria and the types of selection methods Decide whether to bid: Understand if you can meet the requirements, whether you are eligible to supply, and if you can accept the terms and conditions and basis of payment Collect information and follow the tender: Get your security clearance through the contracting authority, prepare your certifications, and sign up for a web feed to follow the tender to stay on top of any amendments Prepare your bid: Make it easy for buyers to evaluate your bid and learn more about the technical, management and financial sections Submit your bid: Remember to submit on time, with the right number of copies and signatures and follow all instructions Learn who was awarded a tender We will publish an award notice using the tendering service to announce the successful bidder.

Search award notices related to your industry. Get a supplier debriefing on your bid Following the award of a contract from a competitive process, you will have an opportunity to request supplier debriefing on your bid. It is important to know when an award is issued against a tender to ensure that you meet the deadline to request feedback. Whether or not you were successful, feedback can help you improve your bid submissions skills and your chances of winning other submissions.

Learn about dispute resolution services and resources If you have any concerns about the procurement process, your first step is to try to resolve the issue with your contracting authority. If the matter can't be resolved with your contracting authority, then you can explore a variety of other dispute resolution services and resources. These services include resources to resolve the issue yourself, alternative dispute resolution services, and complaint bodies, such as the Office of the Procurement Ombudsman.

Sell to other Canadian and foreign governments We have recently begun sharing our procurement tools, such as standing offers and supply arrangementswith Canadian provinces, territories and municipalities to help provide best value for Canadian taxpayers.

Approximately 10, federal government opportunities are posted annually on the Government Electronic Tendering Service. What is the evolution of Buyandsell. PWGSC is pursuing a digital strategy to align with its commitment to conduct procurement in a manner that enhances access, competition and fairness.

A brief chronology of activities leading to the evolution of Buyandsell. InPWGSC held country-wide consultations with suppliers, provincials and territorial jurisdictions and procurement professionals. A key highlight from the recommendations included the development of a single web site to access business opportunities, and obtain all related procurement information. No fees and free access Who can access information on Buyandsell. Any visitor can access Buyandsell.

Tenders information is available as open data. Learn more about the Government of Canada Open Canada initiative. Is there a charge to view and download tenders?

Do suppliers need to register to download tenders? Access is entirely anonymous. No user account is required. All suppliers need to do is find their opportunity and download it.

Finding opportunities What are tender notices on Buyandsell. Government of Canada tender notices are published in accordance with the Financial Administration Actall Schedule ISchedule II and Schedule III of those departments, agencies, Crown corporations, and other entities unless specifically exempt who must comply with the Government of Canada trade agreement obligations.

To find out how to access Government of Canada opportunities that are not published on Buyandsell. What are the different types of notices? How will suppliers find opportunities for their business? Read the Get Started page to learn more. Tenders notices and amendments How will suppliers get the most up-to-date information about tender notices and amendments?

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Here are a few ways to stay on top of Government of Canada opportunities: Stay informed of amendments to a tender Once you have found a tender notice of interest, you can bookmark the web page of the notice. Your bookmark will always point to the most current information for the tender. Return daily to your bookmark to see if any changes were made. Visit the Follow Opportunities page to learn more.

How can suppliers get notifications about amendments to an opportunity or update to a search result?

Listing of all Open Tenders in Canada

To learn more about web feeds, visit the Follow Opportunities page. Sign up to the email notification service What is the email notification service and why was it created? It is a free and simple-to-use service that allows users to sign up to receive email notifications when amendments are made to a tender notice of interest, or when updates to a custom search result are made on Buyandsell. Is there a fee to sign up to the email notification service?

The Email notification service is free of charge to all visitors to the Buyandsell.