Pros and cons of dating a muslim

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pros and cons of dating a muslim

and Yes, Muslim WOmen are not allowed to marry Non Muslim Guys. well even suppose She was allowed Who would do such terrible thing?. More generally there is a perception that dating a Muslim girl is a one way trip to a starring role . More cons than pros when considering this. These women have to revert to Islam to marry them. Write the pros and cons, and then let your heart decide, dont over think, just go with your.

Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? In saying this i have a serious problem, i believe i am in love with a muslim woman. I would be considered a christian but do not practice. I live in her muslim contry. We both like each other very much, and i would just like to hear some views and advice on what to do.

I would be willing to do anything it takes to be with her including converting. What steps should i take to be with this woman, and how would i make her family accept me?

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She is not a devout muslim but her family is. I believe in love and think it's possible to overcome any obstacle if two people are truly in love. Trust God to lead you into what is after all a biblical institution. What would your ministry look like as husband and wife if you are married to a Muslim. I am sympathetic for loneliness or whatever else must be fueling your passion, but such choices have real consequences.

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I trust God, so ask your fiance to join you in prayer and seek the face of Jesus in this decision. Pray together nightly because prayer is ultimately agreeing with God and the fakers will eventually bug out. To love God is to obey him. If your fiance balks, run away as fast as you can.

Not all that say Lord, Lord will enter into the Kingdom of heaven but those who obey the Father Obeying includes not marrying a non-christian light and darkness cannot get married that is what Jesus' command is you are either a christian or you are not Shop For Christian Books I am a divorced christian woman.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of marrying a Muslim?

I have one son from him, he even dont care about his son. Now im in love with muslem men, he is so good. He loves my son as if he is his son. He does everything to make me feel happy and stands beside me in any situation. He loves me as i am and respects me alot. So i think religion is not what makes a person but his kindness and personality.

pros and cons of dating a muslim

Im with my muslem lover the most happy woman on earth and im ready to marry him and stay with him all my life because he is a great person Can a christian and a muslim marry? Whatever your situation, pray unceasingly! God will answer you with HIS will! You must be open to it! If you ask Him for the strength you need to remove yourself, then HE will give it! He's really in control, so just believe, pray, and wait. I am married to a Moroccan man, hes muslim and I am christian, I was in a severely abusive 1st marriage, my first husband made my life hell, so when Abde and I met and I saw the fine qualities in him, I was drawn to his kind and gentle ways, contrary to the stories you hear about the treatment of women in Islam.

We talk about our differences in beliefs all the time and we dont argue about it, I know in my heart someday Jesus will reveal himself to my husband. I read the coran and no good Muslim can ever let christians live acording their book.

pros and cons of dating a muslim

Remember that Abraham had two sons. God chose to bless them both. The Apostle Paul said: A man could be saved by his wife who is a believer in Christ. If God gives me a Muslim husband to love, I will love him and be his wife. The word of God says,"I will also bless the foreigners who commit themselves to the Lord. Who serve Him and love His name, who worship Him I will bring them to My holy mountain of Jerusalem and will fill them with joy in my house of prayer I will bring others, too, besides My people Israel Isaiah For hell runs over with "nice" people who are idolaters and reject Christ.

See, I dated a Christian for 3 years and the way he treated me compared to this new guy, was horrific! Not to say I ran into a muslim guys arm but he was there for me when I needed. He encourages me and accepts me as I am. Though I will never commit apostasy against Jesus Christ and I feel called to become a minister, It really sucks that Christians will never give me a chance because he is muslim but having met and been accepted by his mother, it goes to show how backwards Christians can be some time.

We preach about accepting and then shun. Allah is Arabic for God. Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath James 1: Theyve been to muslim countries who protected them.

The only country which refused was "Turkey". Some islams in lebanon think Christains are a sin to them!!! But I say that the soul purpose of the socalled religion Islam is to breed as much as possible in your life time spread all over the world try to convert others and wadge Jihad against non muslims.

Prophet Mohommed himself is responsible for millions of lives throught the history may pease be aporn him for peraching Islam the religion of peace. It's all about demographics The challenge to become the religion with most number of followers.

The hypocracy of the muslims is unbeliveable. One of the fact that explains that islam spread out quickly during the middle-age is that muslim people did not spent all their time killing non muslim people. She felt as if he too liked her in the sincere sense. They became good friends and occasionally went for lunch together. The boss told Sarah that he will marry her after 3 years.

Over a brief period of 15 days her affiliation grew stronger. However, something irked her and that was his demand for physical contact.

pros and cons of dating a muslim

Both of them agreed on remaining friendly colleagues, but even as professional friends the boss tried to provoke her for an illegal relation by requesting Sarah to meet at a private and secure place. This was an eye-opener for her and she realized that someone truly in love with her would never provoke her for such things. She knew that she had fallen for the wrong person. There was no one in her life to share this pain with.

pros and cons of dating a muslim

Increase me in knowledge. Many girls have gone through even bitter experiences that have left them emotionally shattered. There are so many sisters who get trapped in this emotional abuse and regret afterwards, even while knowing that these attachments can be painful if not bound legally i.

He feels uncomfortable when you talk about marriage Whenever you try to discuss with him the future of your marriage with him, he tries to change the topic and gets irritated.

He also asks you to think about it when the time will come. He is more interested in planning out dates and enjoying secretively. He asks for your photographs without proper hijab Any man who would know that you will be his future wife would never asks you to stoop down to unethical levels.

pros and cons of dating a muslim

Every man dreams of a modest and chaste girl, how can he push his future life partner to embrace immodesty? You will be a temporary temptation of his life. This speaks volumes about his indifference towards you. A person who wishes to make you his spouse will own your pains and worries and have an empathetic approach. Everything depends on his convenience He talks when he wants to and ignores you for the rest of the time. This explains that you are just a leisure sport in his life.