Past life regression relationship issues and dating

Past-Life Regression Removes Relationship Blocks to Move On in Love | Articles at

past life regression relationship issues and dating

Jun 12, Spirituality · Languages · Geography · Philosophy · Issues From the perspective of reincarnation and karma, there is no such thing as a Someone with good love karma may have acted in past-life relationships more often with cause of any bad luck is through meditation and/or past-life regression. Apr 20, 7 Signs Your Past Life Is Affecting Your Love Life Today Or maybe you find yourself having the same relationship problems over and over However, if you realize that everyone you date ends up being a liar, or a . Michelle Brock, a spiritual life coach who specializes in past life regression, tells Bustle. Mar 4, Past-Life-Relationships-mainpost Through regression, a young man in his twenties discovered that his He had no particular stress or health problems at the time, was During his pre-regression interview he told me his headaches first began when he was out on a first date with a woman he had just.

The answer was clear: She needed to remove a connection from a past life that was causing a relationship block, which was preventing her from moving forward in love.

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What Happens in a Past-Life Regression? Regression to a past life takes different forms depending on the technique used. I count down the floors 10 to one, giving gentle instructions for relaxation as I count. The doors open, and I start asking questions. Are you a man or a woman?

Who is with you? Often, the client will have a profound emotional release, which helps to clear the block. Alternatively, I can see the past life myself. I use this technique for clients who have trouble letting themselves go into a deep trance or are a bit hesitant. This type of regression is usually less emotionally cathartic for the client but is perfectly useful all the same.

Surprised, Leah confirmed that she had Russian heritage.

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I saw that she was fairly young, dressed in black, and with a group of other women. It was after a funeral. The women were a powerful, protective group of widows -- all ages -- in the village. Leah had no other family; to be protected and let into the circle of these women, she had to vow that she would not marry again, despite her young age. I traveled to the end of this lifetime, where she died peacefully but with some regrets. Life in a harem was claustrophobic and intense.

It centred on pampering the body and the many shifting relationships amongst the women. Essentially, I collapsed myself into this relationship. I lived only for the times we were together, apart from the others, and was horribly jealous if she paid any attention to anyone else.

I wanted her all to myself. This life ended when the Sultanate was attacked. She died in that attack and I died soon after.

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Many lives — one pattern Part of the clearing of past lives is not only to release the life explored, but also any similar lives. As this was done I became aware of other lives with this soul — also in harems — but those lives had ended differently. We repeat lives in similar patterns when the soul is working its way through a particular life lesson or exploring a theme.

Often, we explore multiple variations around a particular relationship dynamic — and in those, we tend to incarnate with the same soul and work through these lives together.

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  • Past-Life Regression Removes Relationship Blocks to Move On in Love

In some of those lives, I have played her mother, in others, she has played mine. The patterns from life to life were very similar even though the circumstance of place, power, and socioeconomic status were quite different.

My pattern as mother was to see her as something very precious and yet to somehow neglect to listen to what she needed or wanted. In several lifetimes, I tried to make her marry someone she did not want to marry — with dire consequences for her.

past life regression relationship issues and dating

Her pattern as mother was to love me, but be very weak or distant and completely unable to protect me from the powerful people around us. Past life influences on this life — and how to heal them The influence of these patterns from our past lives has played out in this life — affecting our friendship. Although we had an instant connection I found her to be frustratingly either elusive or in victim mode.

Meantime I was far too interfering and controlling with a tendency to mother her. Eventually, since both of us were healing our past lives, the dynamic shifted to something more balanced and at a higher level of awareness.

past life regression relationship issues and dating

But I think the main improvement came from both of us working on the very patterns and dynamics from those past lives. My colleague is working on standing in her power, speaking her truth and being present in relationships. I am working on listening to others and stepping back, allowing them to have their own journey and not try and fix things for them — or think I know best.

past life regression relationship issues and dating

The more we succeed in mastering these skills the clearer and more joyful our relationship becomes — and the effects from those past lives diminishes or is no longer an issue.

So how did the past life work impact the new friendship with the soul from the harem? After the past life regression those past life soul fragments who were still trying to have a relationship with that soul were released.

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No more fantasies or obsessive thoughts. I got my life and my mind back. So if you have a challenging relationship with someone how can you heal it? And sometimes it can help to heal any past-life relationships through regression therapy. Can you identify the lessons you are working through together? Jay Linden is the creator of Soul Purpose whose aim is to assist those wanting to do the inner work of healing and transformation.