Maino and monica dating

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maino and monica dating

This pic from T.I. and Tiny's wedding has been floating around of Maino and Monica looking a little closer than close. Especially since Monica. Maino and Monica have been friends for over 10 years and they are not dating. A source who asked not to be identified, confirmed that Monica. Monica Denise Brown (née Arnold; born October 24, ) is an American singer , songwriter, .. While the couple soon began dating in the fall of the same year, they ended their relationship in A few months later, Monica and Hill revived .

It eventually received a gold certificationand has sold over one million copies domestically. Towards the end ofMonica released her next studio album The Makings of Me.

Correction: Monica and Maino Are Just Good Friends

The Single which tracked the recording of the song " Still Standing " for her same-titled sixth studio album. Still Standingproducing a spin-off her Peachtree show, containing the same concept. It focused on searching for a hit single for the album release and balancing her personal life of being a full-time mother and troubled past.

The premiere and encore episode garnered 3.

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The album was certified gold by the RIAA with domestic shipments ofcopies within a single month. Lead single " It All Belongs to Me ", another duet with singer Brandycharted similarly, reaching number 23 on the same chart.

Monica And Maino Are NOT A Couple But She Is Dating ____________!!!

In Januaryshe released "Commitment", the first single on her own label, Mondeenise Music. Maybe if I had said this, or if I would have done that,'" she said in an interview with The Cincinnati Enquirer the following year.

maino and monica dating

A few months later, Monica and Hill revived their relationship and she became pregnant with their first child. What was that in her hand? I hope she wasn't just walking the streets.

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Lord OutsidetheBox Sometimes i cant even watch that type of stuff. Even as a fiend she could be a high class ho with her looks and celeb status. I think the mental health issues are the reason for her being a straight up crack fiend out in the streets. There is nothing anyone can do to help her and very little she can do to help herself. SugaBrown Maia Campbell needs help. I wish she had someone in her life that would help her out because she truly needs help.

maino and monica dating

People go out of their way to exploit that woman and post her videos online. She has serious mental issues and she needs to get proper medical attention. She's a pretty girl.

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Congrats on the marriage Bird. My one year anniversary is next month.: SugaBrown Bird I agree.

maino and monica dating

I heard her mother was trying to get her help when she was alive but since she died I don't think there is anyone else. I thought she was on the road to recovery. Just goes to show no matter looks, how much money or status a person has, they can still have there own personal demons.

Monica deserves better than to have a PR department making up lies about her. I'm also mad that Ashley didn't send me the rest of those clear pictures from the wedding. Oh wait this is a blog, luv ya!