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Newgrounds provides visitor-driven voting and ranking of user-generated submissions. traffic, and started selling merchandise to pay for the website's hosting bills. . the pseudonym "Lemon Demon", with art and Flash animation by Shawn Vulliez. .. [3] To date, there are over official episodes of Neurotically Yours. Main · Videos; Volvo bus driving training in bangalore dating. Lest that's brave one headlock upon my job. Lest unwrap to unwrap the soldiers that are sinking to . Arin Joseph Hanson (born January 6, ), also known by his Internet pseudonym Egoraptor, Hanson joined Newgrounds under the name " Egoraptor" on September 16, short animated videos that parody video games, Lemon 'n Bill, a comedic .. Ninja Sex Party · Starbomb · Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.

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Career Before Newgrounds Before becoming an animator, Arin was mostly interested in voice acting, recording little audio skits with his microphone and sending them to friends.

One of Arin's first viral hits was a short audio skit he made called Dragon Ball Z In A Nutshell, which he uploaded to the filesharing service Napster, inspired by a famous radio skit that summarizes the entire Star Wars original trilogy in thirty seconds.

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While his original version was fairly popular on Napster, the skit became even more popular when it was re-uploaded by someone else who rebranded it as "Invader Zim Does DBZ". He soon found out that people had also made animations to go with his audio, which led him to Newgrounds.

Newgrounds and YouTube Arin's animation career began in earnest with the Awesome Series where he parodied popular, classic video games. Arin's first animation in the series, "Metal Gear Awesome", was published on Newgrounds on February 23,skyrocketing him to popularity. In Arin released "Lemon 'n' Bill"a comedy series where an anthropomorphic bullet and a lemon get stuck in classic video game worlds.

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The series was sponsored by Machinima and was featured on their YouTube channel. While Arin found his biggest initial success on Newgrounds, Arin was not especially happy with the website's community, which he regards as toxic and consistently hostile towards him.

As such, he eventually began to move away from Newgrounds, and instead focus on Youtube, where his shorts like PokeAwesome became especially popular. He then started a new series called Sequelitis, a show comparing a variety of video games to their sequels and examining what each title did particularly well or poorly, in March with his video "Castlevania 1 vs. Jon Tron stayed a "Grump" until Jun 25,where he announced that he would be leaving the show to pursue other projects in "Ode to Jon".

In the very same episode Dan Avidan is introduced as the next "Grump". Studio Yotta animed the music video that featured Super Smash Brothers characters. Snake from Metal Gear Awesome. Other He also appeared as a contestant on the Sony PlayStation game show "The Tester" in its third season, as the community-vote contestant, but was eliminated in the third episode after being accused of using the show to promote himself.

When asked about his Tester experience and whether or not he would do it again, he replied with disgust and stated that his experience on the show as a whole was miserable. The "watermelon game" in the episode that got him eliminated was the subject of much controversy, with Arin's fans unanimously agreeing that it was unfair. Arin later admitted that the only reason he ever applied for the show was to spite another applicant that he absolutely loathed, and once he got in he made an effort to make the show as much of a joke as possible.

MOV, because he couldn't record his lines. He voiced two characters in a skit, a mugger and a victim. He also did the narration for 'Relive Your Life', a game that can be found on Newgrounds.