Karen and matt dating guy

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karen and matt dating guy

Karen Page is the former office manager for Nelson and Murdock and, along with Foggy Nelson Seeking to tell someone about what she had discovered, Page asked Daniel Fisher, one of her Page and Matt Murdock have a second date. Boy, if you watched Daredevil season two on Netflix (and who didn't), you . When Matt got back together with Karen, Glorianna began dating. Matt, Foggy (Elden Henson), and Karen (Deborah Ann Woll) were swimming in clients. And, on top of all that, there's a new Daredevil copycat — someone However, as is so often the case, his date ended with a hug and.

Even though their romantic time together might have been relatively short-lived, and since it was the '60s we never actually saw them sleep together, they would forever remain fast-friends and loyal partners. From there, things took a horrible turn for the worse.

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Heather would then blame Daredevil for the rest of her short life, and even spilled the beans on his identity multiple times. Though when criminals ruined her business, she blamed Daredevil and went on to hang herself. Sure, technically the two never did the special hug, but they psychically connected once, which might as well have been the same thing.

karen and matt dating guy

She eventually turned into a literal dragon while navigating the cosmos and nearly went insane. The moral of the story here should be obvious: While they tried and figure out a legal strategy to get her out of prison, the Black Cat found her own way: When the hero saved the blind Milla Donovan from getting hit by a truck, the two quickly fell in love and were even faster in getting married.

The marriage was kind of a sham however, as Milla discovered Matt only married her because he was suffering a nervous breakdown. Surviving assaults from the Kingpin, Typhoid Mary, and even Bullseye, Milla was pretty sturdy…until she was exposed to Mr. She was a native of Ireland and would date the Man Without Fear for quite some time.

Even though she proved herself to be tough and more than capable, she unfortunately also suffered from damsel in distress syndrome. Not to be undone, she then started dating Foggy Nelson. And rather frankly, once she started dating Foggy, it was a sure sign that her time was up.

Together, the pair set up a law firm, and while Matt tried to throw her off the scent, she pretty easily figured out he was Daredevil. She survived, but realized the real insanity would be to continue seeing Matt. She eventually wanted him back however, but Matt decided to break things up for good.

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She and Foggy seemed to fizzle, maybe because dating your aunt's ex-husband can be kind of awkward when you think about it. Chichester wrote it as "Alan Smithee" after being told he was fired from the title. Matt got a lot more resistant to her mind powers once he learned to recognize them as such.

The next time they met, she just set him on fire instead. No, still in and out of prison, ready to make trouble for Daredevil, Deadpool, Spider-Man or some other hero at any moment.

Karen/Foggy or Karen/Matt?

However, one of Matt's early adventures contributed to her mental disorder, so she still counts as a victim of his curse. Deaf, but with the ability to read lips, sense vibrations very strongly, and duplicate any movement she sees, she was also secretly the costumed adventurer known as Echo, seeking to avenge her father's murder.

karen and matt dating guy

If all that sounds pretty much like she's a mirror for Matt himself, go to the head of the class. Oh, and she was also raised by the Kingpin. It did not go well. Featured Today 4 Milla Donovan Meet cute: After "Matt Murdock is Daredevil" became the biggest open secret since "Bill Clinton had sex with Monica Lewinsky," Daredevil saved the blind Milla from a runaway truck. She showed up at the offices of Nelson and Murdock the next day.

Much later, she mused "I have always had a thing for men I know are going to be trouble.

karen and matt dating guy

Maybe that's why she was the only one DD actually married. Fear, which had the unfortunate side effect of making its subjects permanently, dangerously insane. Nnnno, but she's in an insane asylum with no hope of recovery, which is about as close as you get. Considering that when Elektra dies, she has plenty of hope of recovery, it might even be worse.

Nelson and Murdock retained the improbably named Dakota's services as a private investigator and bodyguard after Jessica Jones gave up the role to become a mother. He was devastated by what had happened to Milla, she was willing to be a shoulder to lean on, they went on a friendly date or two, they were both adults with working sexual organs, things happened. Page tells her story to Nelson and Murdock Page was released to the custody of Nelson and Murdock and taken back to their office.

Once there and convinced that she was safe with them, Page told the lawyers how she obtained the financial records and her confrontation with her boss, although she confessed that she had not considered the consequences of her actions at the time.

Page broke down crying as she began speaking about the death of Daniel Fisheras she felt personally responsible for the death of such a kind man. Fearing for her life, Page requested to return to her apartment, but Foggy Nelson convinced her that it was a bad idea and Matt Murdock offered his apartment for her to spend the night.

Page is questioned by Matt Murdock At Matt Murdock's ApartmentPage was given a change of clothes, as hers had gotten wet in a rain storm, and a beverage.

karen and matt dating guy

She learned that Murdock had been blind since he was nine and missed his sight. Continuing their earlier questions, Murdock asked her why she was not killed in her apartment, as the people going after her would have no reason to keep her alive unless she had something of value; in an attempt to keep Nelson and Murdock safe from harm, she lied, saying that she did not have a copy of the financial report.

Murdock seemingly accepted this and they went to bed shortly afterwards.

karen and matt dating guy

You can't, you can't take it to the police. You can't trust anyone! Inside a vent in her bathroom, Page grabbed the flashdrive holding the copy of the report, but she was ambushed by a thug who rammed her into a wall.

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After procuring the flashdrive, he approached the unconscious Page to kill her with his knife when a masked man began a fight with him. Page watched as the fight became so intense that the two fell from her window to the street.


Ultimately, the masked man won the fight and collected the flashdrive, promising to take it to the proper hands; Page told him not to trust anyone, so the masked man said that he would release the information to everyone.

The next morning, there was a story in the New York Bulletin. Page cooked them both a meal to thank them for their assistance, noting that it was Murdock believing in her story that gave her the strength to keep fighting.