Hotshotgg and lily dating

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hotshotgg and lily dating

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After their elimination from the tournament, the team remained in Korea to continue to practice for the upcoming Season Two North American Regional Finals.

hotshotgg and lily dating

There, they would take third place, qualifying for the Season 2 World Championship. Infamously, Chauster commented in an interview that the team had prepared primarily strategies to be used if they got blue side in the coin toss, but all three of their group-stage coin tosses gave them purple side.

In the first round they faced the Korean powerhouse NaJin Swordwhere they were routed in two lopsided matches.

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Unfortunately, they were outmatched as the European team eliminated them from the tournament. In the losers bracket they faced Moscow 5and took the first game of the set, but then fell twice against the Russian team, finishing their run in the tournament. CLG Prime outperformed most expectations of them at tournament, with a strong showing of Chauster as the new jungler, they also challenged the perception of Team Solo Mid as the strongest team in the NA scene [15]. Hotshot then went on to become a sub for CLG in what appeared to be his move towards retirement in addition to focusing on management of CLG.

Became known as "George of the Jungle" after he switched to Jungling. He was the first big streamer to pull in numbers of 20, viewers consistently. He was considered one of the best Cho'Gath players in the world.

hotshotgg and lily dating

Lily is known to play some pranks on her friends. One notable instance was during a who-has-more-kills competition with Jummychu, where she repeatedly KillSteals him all while taunting him that he's losing to "a lowly Platinum player" Jummy himself was in Challenger.

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Of course, she does occasionally get Trolled back. Earlier, when she took requests on her tl;dr videos, she instead got flooded with requests for Urgotso she did release them, but starts the video with the resignation sigh and the message "I hate all of you.

hotshotgg and lily dating

In this video, despite Anklespankin offering him a free trip to PAX if they win the game which he was apparently serious aboutSykkuno becomes one, intentionally getting killed and misleading teammates in an effort to sabotage the game.

At one point Lily calls him out on this, to which he blames it on stress If men are to be included, Jummychu.

hotshotgg and lily dating

She's really personable and kind to everyone. But if she decides that she'll get naughty Or at least No Real Name Confirmed. While she and her friends all refer to her as "Lily", it's never been made clear if it's just shorthand for her title or her actual real-life name, which hasn't been completely confirmed most likely due to her shyness in real life.

In only her Facebook, she's listed as Lily Ki. Oh Crap Hand Wave: During Nasus tries voice-actingAnnie and Amumu are laughing at Nasus' attempt to read Annie's lines.

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Then Nasus looks at them, Amumu runs off, and Annie Didn't save them from a major ass-whuppin' courtesy of Nasus. Lily's channel is very frilly pink, and she usually draws herself as a pink-haired girl. Lily's repeated failures in getting her friends to give her the blue buff, either by having it being stolen by another friend, or the jungler promising to give it to her then swiping it at the last secondor even rarer, simply by pure accident.

Generally, if she actually manages to get it, she probably would've had to really work for it.

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Often likes to invoke this with a good mixing of Les Yay by only teasing other girls. It's especially noticeable in videos with her and Natsumii, right down to the thumbnails. She tends to make some to anime series when she played her games.