Dating someone with kids pro and cons

Dating Someone With Kids: 6 Rules You Need To Know

dating someone with kids pro and cons

Dating someone with kids can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but there are things you need to know. Here are the most important. I'm sure everyone else will list cons. But for a pro, I know a woman who is unable to have biological children (and wanted them) who married a. Experts give advice on how to date a man who has children already.

If you are the type of woman who likes to go on extravagant dates and adventurous activities, you may have to lower your expectations. Be prepared to pay for a few dates here and there, or be creative with low cost activities that the two of you can enjoy together, like hiking, picnics and free concerts.

This is where it gets ugly! As women, we can become territorial when it comes to our men. You will have to deal with her on a continued basis, especially if a young child is involved. Just put yourself in her shoes and try to understand where she is coming from.

She thought this man would be her soulmate and things did not work out that way. Now you, the new girl, is in his life sharing the joy that she once did, and meeting the family she helped create. Take the high road and be respectful; she is the mother of his child. Children instinctively want their biological parents together and find anyone other than their immediate family a threat to their world — this includes you. The responsibility of having to raise kids really opens him up to other wonderful traits such as loyalty, compassion and selflessness.

dating someone with kids pro and cons

When a boy becomes a man, he puts away childish things. Kids provide men with a sense of responsibility, and therefore tend to make them grow up almost instantly. A post shared by Visual Habesha visualhabesha on Jul 24, at At some point, you will wonder if he really is into you It is not easy to know the plans he has in store for you when he spends his days navigating through kids, ex-wife, and his job.

dating someone with kids pro and cons

He is caught up in a world that demands too much of him that sometimes he neglects you. Unless he is a very honest and frank person, you will be left wondering what you mean to him.

You should understand that men naturally have a problem dealing with multiple tasks and so you have to be patient as he tackles one challenge at a time.

Someone with kids has little or no money to spend on you This is a very important consideration if you are an extravagant woman who likes men who give out huge finances.

Top 20 Things To Consider Before Dating Someone With Kids

If you are a heavy spender, someone who already has kids might not be a good date for you. Having children to take care of is a huge responsibility that consumes money. As a matter of fact, do not be surprised if he asks you for money sometimes. If at all he is a responsible dad, he will give his children the very best whether they live with him or their mother. If you are an understanding lady, consider cheaper dating activities like hiking or free concerts.

Get ready to play the role of a mother Most guys with kids want female partners who can be good mothers. The thought of being a stepmother can get you nervous. Know that it takes a lot of time and efforts to bond and blend. Two things will be running in your head: Older children are especially difficult to deal with as they can be a little hard headed.

Dating Someone With Kids: 6 Rules You Need To Know

It is for these reasons you might be a little apprehensive about moving in with a guy with kids. A post shared by Jennifer Wolff boomhappyfathersday on Mar 6, at 4: A man with kids will be emotionally distant at times You must understand that guys with kids endure a lot of difficulties and experiences a lot of mixed feelings from frustrations, loneliness, and anger.

Men who have recently been divorced require time to heal and only an understanding woman can cope with someone going through an exhausting legal proceeding. Occasionally, your man will need space to deal with some exhilarating feelings before they meet your emotional needs.

Dating a Single Dad (Pros & Cons)

This means that your schedule needs to be spontaneous. Be ready to meet him whenever he gets a chance because you never know if he will have another free time. Actually, most of your dates will be canceled and you will be making spontaneous plans. If you are a woman who likes planning ahead of time, things might not work for you because this guy needs someone with a flexible schedule. If only you can embrace moving with the flow and enjoy the new freedom, there is so much to benefit from dating a dad.

A post shared by Shana Wilson Williams shanawilsonwilliams on Jun 21, at 1: Get ready to meet their ex someday Guys with kids have to keep close contact with their ex-lovers or ex-wives. They like venting about the past relationships and this gets boring at some point. If you are dating one of such, try as much as possible not to hate their ex-partners because one day you will have to meet them e. If you hate his ex-wife, the negative vibes might make you do something bad.

You have to understand this: If you cannot handle him contacting the ex regularly, perhaps you should move on with your life. A post shared by KiaPsiPhi kiapsiphi on Sep 25, at You will take the second place if you are dating someone with kids Believe it or not, guys with kids will always put their children first. So, if you had planned for an afternoon picnic but the school calls for a parents meeting on the same day, your date will be postponed. If you are the kind of woman who takes things personally, this relationship might not work for you.

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The children need as much attention as you do, but they are more special even though he might not say this to you. Until the children become grown-ups, they will always be his priority. You have no option but to like the kids You cannot find your way into his heart without liking his kids.

It sounds like a baggage but the good thing is that if the children like you too, you will build another meaningful connection and start living like a real family. There is no great gift than a happy family and so you will have to commit to loving those children as if they were yours. But do not expect them to love you more than their real mother but they will appreciate and respect you if you shower them with love and compassion.

Find out if you like their parenting approach Take a good look at how he raises his children. Maybe your ideal parenting methods different from his and this could be a source of conflict.

Top 20 Things To Consider Before Dating Someone With Kids

Note that there is a possibility that you will have kids with your potential partner and so you need to take a good look at how he plays his role as a parent. Because you will be offered this privilege, you cannot blow things up by creating bad impressions. You need to be creative and nice if you want to be accepted into the new family. Be honest when dating someone with kids Honesty will take you far. Very few relationships involving parents reach maturity as most partners fail to commit fully along the way.

If your aim is to have fun with a guy who has children but have no future plans, you might end up hurting him as well as his kids. You need to be realistic as to whether you want a long-term relationship or a casual one.

dating someone with kids pro and cons

Note that if you are dealing with a divorced guy, leaving him vulnerable is as painful as the first separation he had from his ex-wife. Do not try to replace the mother of his kids It is very tempting to build an instant family once you start dating someone with children. You must not overstep your boundaries as this would be psychologically unhealthy for the children. The older children will be watching you closely and they would probably want their mum respected.

A good point is to be a supportive adult and guide them without taking the place of their mother. Just be natural and supportive and they will like you. There is one thing you need to realize: Thus, you have to come up with an affirmation that you are not taking him away from them. Consider having a one-on-one talk especially with the older ones and show them how you feel about the family as well as your future expectations.