Dana brooke and dolph ziggler dating

Is Wrestler Dolph Ziggler Dating someone? Details of his Past and Current Affair

dana brooke and dolph ziggler dating

Apr 18, We're sure Dolph Ziggler's happy about this news. . After Ziggler, Dana Brooke began dating a bodybuilder by the name of Dallas McCarver. Aug 22, -Dallas McCarver, the boyfriend of Dana Brooke (Ashley Sebera) and a -Dolph Ziggler told Channel Guide Mag he is taking some time away. Nov 27, Are Dolph Ziggler and NXT Diva Dana Brooke dating? It kind of looks that way, or they are at least having a fling anyway. Dolph Ziggler asked.

Tamina split up with her husband a number of years back, and she's been single ever since though we don't know if she's been in any low-key relationships since then. While being a single mother of two has to be especially hard considering the amount of time she's on the road and away from home, Tamina's still managed to be a solid role model for her kids which is refreshing to hear. Tamina's decided to focus on her career instead of romance, and while she hasn't won a Women's Championship yet, the length of her run in itself proves her career has been a success thus far.

dana brooke and dolph ziggler dating

Who knows what the future holds, as Tamina may capture a title in the not-so-distant future. Cathy Kelley via geekendgladiators. Although Cathy and Finn haven't gone fully public with their relationship yet, there's enough proof including testimonies from other wrestlers that they're currently dating. Finn is unquestionably one lucky fellow, and it can be guaranteed that a plethora of fans would love to swap places with him in an instance.

X-Pac aka Sean Waltman's gone on record to state that Kelley and Finn deserve each other, and this basically summed up that he believes they're both great people.

Liv Morgan via instagram. Liv has confirmed the rumour that she's single via her Twitter, and I'm sure many of her fans were pleasantly surprised and happy to hear this news. Prior to her low profile relationship with Tyler, most fans are aware that Liv was involved with former Cruiserweight Champion, Enzo Amore. Things definitely didn't end too well between Enzo and Liv, but Morgan's split from Tyler Bate doesn't seem to have been quite as full of animosity. Regardless, we can almost guarantee you that Liv Morgan will be off the market sooner than you probably realize, as there's not much to dislike about the extremely gorgeous Riott Squad member.

Featured Today 8 Recently Taken Off: Becky Lynch via instagram. That being said, Luke seems to be quite a solid match for Becky, because while Lynch is a professional wrestler, she definitely has the characteristics of a 'fighter' over anything else - I suppose you could say she's 'rough around the edges'.

In any case, Luke Sanders is one lucky man to have been able to pull of a stunning woman like Becky Lynch, and if he's smart, he'll do all he can do keep Becky by his side as she's one of the genuinely kindest and most gorgeous women of WWE. Nia Jax via instagram. The current Raw Women's Champion is enjoying the peak of her career thus far in WWE, and we here at TheSportster couldn't be any happier for the talented Samoan seeing Nia's finally received the recognition she deserves - let's hope it lasts.

However back on topic, most signs point to Nia Jax being on the market right now considering we don't have any confirmation that she's currently dating anybody nor has she appeared with anyone lately, but you shouldn't expect that to be the case for too much longer.

Sure, Nia may be slightly larger than your average WWE women's wrestler, but she still has tons of loyal fans who appreciate Jax for who she is and how she looks which is refreshing.

Nikki Bella Spotted Flirting With WWE Superstar Ex Dolph Ziggler

The Anti-Diva's ex-fiancee Alberto Del Rio was the furthest thing from an upstanding 'gentleman', and many believe Paige's reputation was severely dented due to her rather poor choice when it comes to Del Rio. However, Paige has since 'come to her senses' as some like to say, and she's no longer engaged to Alberto. That being said, unfortunately for many eager fans, Paige is sadly no longer on the market.

Paige has recently been taken off the market by a young man named Kalan Blehm, and the couple's gone public with their relationship as of February. While some fans are still a bit worried about Paige considering her past tumultuous relationship with Alberto, Kalan seems a little more stable which is a good sign. Dana Brooke via instagram. For a brief period of time, Brooke was involved with fellow WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler, but things didn't work out between the two and they eventually split once Dana was called up to the main roster.

After Ziggler, Dana Brooke began dating a bodybuilder by the name of Dallas McCarver, but as many of you are bound to know, Dallas unfortunately passed away suddenly last year which was quite sad news to hear.

dana brooke and dolph ziggler dating

Dana hasn't dated anyone since McCarver, but it's doubtful that she'll be on the market for much longer seeing she's still a stunning woman in her own right. One thing we as fans can hope for is that Dana Brooke's given a real chance to succeed in WWE's Women's Division sooner rather than later.

Kelly Kelly via noteably. Considering Kelly Kelly's expressed interest in returning to the ring at some point in the near future, it's quite possible that we'll be seeing Kelly performing between the ropes on Raw or SmackDown Live sooner rather than later.


That said, for those of you unaware, Kelly Kelly is now back on the market after her split-up from her ex-husband Sheldon Souray late last year. This news is sure to excite many of Kelly's fans, but the fact remains Kelly Kelly will likely be taken off that said market before you can even blink twice - she's simply too stunning to remain single for any period of time.

Mandy Rose via wrestlingforum. Mandy Rose is currently in a relationship with NXT Superstar Tino Sabbatelli, and while many fans are undoubtedly going to be jealous of Tino, they do certainly make a sharp looking couple wouldn't you say? However, I'm sure many women would be saying the same thing for Mandy seeing Sabbatelli's not a bad looking guy either. Mandy Rose clearly broke things off with her ex-boyfriend quietly, and perhaps being on the road for a bulk majority of the time caused a riff in their relationship as it does for many wrestler and non-wrestler couples.

dana brooke and dolph ziggler dating

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Is Dolph Ziggler dating Lana, his thoughts on Tyler Breeze, why WWE won't show blood, more

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dana brooke and dolph ziggler dating

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dana brooke and dolph ziggler dating

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