Chuck and vanessa dating

Catt's Commentary: Is Chuck Bass Dating Vanessa Abrams?

chuck and vanessa dating

If Liz and Dick had been Blair and Chuck instead, it would have been are about as exciting as any plot line involving Vanessa (see below). Are talking about the merits of chuck and vanessa dating in real life with serena van der woodsen and dan christian. Find out what women are any of social. chuck and Vanessa are dating real life!!!! Date-Night Style: Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl "Six years after our first date, I still get butterflies." —Olivia.

However, she soon learns that was a mistake because Blair was able to convince Catherine and Marcus to leave town and pay of the Archibald debt. She tells Nate, who is more disappointed that Vanessa went to Blair instead of him.

Jealous, she steals the letter before Jenny can see it. She creates a see through dress for Vanessa, and they plan to shine a bright light on her at the ball to reveal her underwear. However, Vanessa feels guilty for stealing the letter after talking to Jenny and plans to tell Nate at the ball. Before she can, the girls spotlight her and humiliate her in front of everyone. She leaves the ball, but is followed by Nate, who reveals that even though she stole the letter he wants to be with her.

They enter into a relationship.

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After a long fight with the van der Bilt side of his family, Nate is convinced by his cousin Tripp van der Bilt to attend the family reunion. He brings along Vanessa and Dan Humphreyand they meet his family. At a party thrown by his grandfather William van der Bilt the next day, Vanessa learns that Nate might abandon their summer backpacking plans to take an internship at the mayor's office.

Angry that he might become a van der Bilt robot, she encourages him not to take it. Meanwhile, Blair is spiraling out of control and Nate is able to talk her back down to earth and they begin to grow closer The Grandfather. In Remains of the JNate breaks up with Vanessa due to him feeling things have come to a natural end.

Thinking he dumped her for Blair, she teams up with Chuck Bass to get revenge. Nate becomes disappointed with Vanessa, and asks if that's her way of becoming more like Blair. In the finale The Goodbye Gossip GirlNate tells Vanessa and Dan that he plans to abandon his internship after the mayor took an interest in him.

He asks her if they can go on their backpacking trip after all, and she agrees to let him come. Edit In the premiere Reversals of FortuneVanessa reveals to Dan that her and Nate hooked up one night in Prague while backpacking but nothing serious came from it.

On Election Day, Tripp is down in the polls and while taking a walk with Nate, he sees a man drowning in the Hudson River and saves him. Vanessa is the only one who filmed it, and agrees to sell the footage to New York 1. He explains that Lexi thinks she's protecting him and staying through the holidays. At the same time, Lexi is flirting with Dan in the coffee shop.

Serena and Aaron make a deal that if she tries to get to know Lexi, he'll go to the ball with her. Lexi approaches them and announces that Dan offered to take her on a walking tour of Brooklyn. To hold up her end of the deal, Serena agrees to go too. Vanessa goes to the loft to invite Jenny to get pizza with her and Jenny confronts her about lying and seeing Nate behind her back. She apologizes, and Jenny yells that she knew why Nate wasn't calling. The two argue and Vanessa storms out.

At the Waldorf penthouse, Chuck goes to see Blair. He proposes that they find each other dates to the ball to see who knows the other better and Blair agrees. They decide the stakes are that if Chuck likes his date, Blair gets his limo for a month and that if Blair likes her date, Chuck gets Dorota.

On the tour, Serena tells the group how Aaron agreed to take her to the ball. Lexi hints to Dan that she would like to go, and he asks her. Aaron asks Serena if she's okay with Lexi coming. She admits it's a bit weird, but she's fine with it.

Aaron then mentions how Lexi sleeps with guys on the first date, and Serena begins to get jealous. He tells Bart that he's surprised he's leaving when things are so bad with Lily, but Bart blames Chuck for their problems and leaves.

chuck and vanessa dating

Jenny brings Penelope's finished dress to her apartment, when she tells her to leave. Hazel, who is also there, tells her to tell her friend Vanessa not to fish in their pond, and Jenny says Vanessa is not her friend.

Penelope is explaining how they were just discussing how to send her a message when Isabel comes out wearing a see through dress. Jenny reveals how Vanessa is going to the ball with Nate. Penelope mentions how Isabel's dress looks a little like Jenny's, and Jenny replies that she knows about lining.

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Penelope asks what if she didn't, hinting towards a way to humiliate Vanessa. Blair and Serena are hanging out and she confidently tells Serena how she knows every inch of Chuck and will be able to locate the perfect girl. Serena says that seeing your ex wit someone else is never easy, and Blair asks how her lame date was the night before.

She explains that Lexi and Dan are going to the ball together and that she tends to sleep with guys on the first date. Blair discovers Serena and Aaron haven't slept together yet and says that while it's okay to wait, Dan and Lexi will have sex regardless. Jenny goes to see Vanessa at the gallery and presents her with the see through dress. She says it's a peace offering and Vanessa accepts the dress.

Chuck-Vanessa relationship

Meanwhile, Blair is directing Dorota finding Chuck's date. All the girls she finds are not acceptable and Dorota says the girl Blair thinks is Chuck's perfect match is her, but Blair insists that the right girl hasn't been found yet.

Dan and Serena talk and he asks if she's sure it's okay. She's vague, and tells him she'll just see him later. Aaron shows up and Serena gives him the green light to have sex that night. In Brooklyn, the dress fits Vanessa perfectly. She admits to Jenny that she has always been jealous of Jenny and Dan because growing up, they seemed to have everything.

She's about to say more when Nate calls and Jenny leaves. Vanessa answers and tells Nate she has to talk to him about something. Lily is waiting for Bart at the penthouse and calls his secretary to find out where he is. She finds out he's in a meeting with Andrew Tyler and Lily realizes he lied to her about firing Andrew. She calls back and tells the secretary to tell him that she won't be waiting anymore and he shouldn't come to the dance.

At the ball, Penelope, Hazel, and Isabel all discuss that the Vanessa plan is in motion. Blair and Chuck introduce their dates and realize they only succeeded in bringing dopplegangers of themselves and Lexi tells Dan that Serena and Aaron are going to sleep together that night.

Rufus and Lily meet up and she confesses that she is going to leave Bart and the two dance. Across the room, Dan and Serena talk. She tells him about Lexi's plan to seduce him and he is surprised. She remarks how she thought sex was meaningful to him, he sarcastically replies, and she leaves.

chuck and vanessa dating

Jenny arrives at the ball, having second thoughts, and Vanessa tells her she's breaking up with Nate because she never meant to hurt Jenny. She goes to stop her from walking into the trap when she sees her with Nate and stops. Vanessa tells Nate she has something to tell him and confesses that she stole his letter to Jenny, explaining that's why he never heard from her. She breaks down in tears and runs off when the spotlight hits her, revealing the transparency of her dress.

Nate, noticing Jenny, realizes it was her who set Vanessa up.

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He confronts her and says that even though Vanessa lied and went behind her back, she's still her friend and didn't deserve to be publicly humiliated. He shows her the letter and explains what was in it. Jenny says she never got it, and Nate says it's because Vanessa stole it but felt so bad about it she told him the truth.

He also says that he's glad she never got the letter because she's not who he thought she was. Blair and Chuck catch their dopplegangers kissing, and they explain that they realized they were meant to be. Blair tells Chuck that it's too bad that even their dopplegangers can figure things out but they can't.