Brittany and santana from glee dating

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brittany and santana from glee dating

Jan 30, After hitting it big as tough but loyal cheerleader Santana Lopez on the hit Fox She moved on with actor Matthew Paetz for two years before dating the DWTS running after completing her run as Brittany S. Pierce on Glee. Sep 4, Exclusive: 'Glee' Star Naya Rivera on Gay Rumors. out as a lesbian in Glee's third season and is involved in a relationship with Brittany, "We know so many who are in the public eye dating somebody, and they're going in. Although they end up dating a few episodes later. In Sexy Brittany finally confronts Santana about their relationship. They end up confessing their love to one.

D Also, if you're reading this when I've just recently have posted this, the Deleted Scenes fic might not show up yet, so wait a bit and then it'll show up. So, today we have Brittana's First Date…wait…what? They're gonna go on one of those? I shall now be known as Bubblegum Shoes. It's an inside joke if you really want to know the joke, you can ask and I'll tell you in a PM.

Santana's eyes widened a bit. The two girls were sitting up in Brittany's room, trying to work on homework together. Neither were doing a good job, seeing as Brittany kept wanting to take breaks because she believed that the history lessons were too confusing, and Santana kept wanting to take breaks to feel Brittany up a bit on her bed. Needless to say, they were both probably going to fail American History.

She had thought about taking Brittany on a real date before, but every time she thought about it, she pushed it away into the back of her mind for the most obvious reason. People would find out about us, and then everyone would treat us like crap just because we like each other. Plus, we hang out all the time anyways. Like going to a restaurant and then maybe hanging out…somewhere else.

I don't know, I just want to do stuff that couple's do.

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We are a couple, we don't need to do something that couple's do just to prove that to ourselves. I want to tell people, I'm sick of keeping secrets. And I'm sick of secrets holding us back from doing stuff. She walked over to her girlfriend and sat on the bed next to her. Santana took Brittany's hand in hers. I've heard stories about kids who get made of fun of for dating the same gender. They get called names everyday, they get bullied, they get treated like shit for the rest of their days in school.

I can't handle something like that. She really wanted to tell someone about them, just to get it out. But she also knew Santana had a point, and she didn't want to force the girl she loved into doing something she didn't want to do.

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Like our parents, or Mike? Mike…I don't know, he seems okay, but I don't know how he would react. I…I think we should wait to tell someone. Maybe we'll tell someone someday, but I'm just not ready yet. Brittany had to suppress a surprised scream when Santana jumped her. As Santana walked home from Brittany's house, she couldn't help but think about what the girl had said. It was admittedly hard to think seeing as she was trying to keep warm under her jacket as the first signs of snow came down and whipped at her face, indicating the upcoming Winter.

Although Santana fully disagreed with Brittany about telling people, but she really was contemplating Brittany's idea about a date. Santana did have some money saved up, maybe she could use it at Breadstix. And there was a really nice park Santana knew about and since it was usually empty they could have some privacy there.

If someone sees you, you'll kick their ass to shut them up and make sure that you keep Brittany as your girlfriend and nobody would have to find out, Santana's mind told herself. Santana, finally deciding, pulled out her phone, and with her newly frigid fingers, she texted her girlfriend.

brittany and santana from glee dating

Britt, you, me, Saturday, on the best date ever. Saturday couldn't have come sooner. Brittany sat on the couch, waiting for her girlfriend to pick her up.

Ever since Brittany had received Santana's text, she had been looking forward to the day all week. She couldn't stop telling Catcake how excited she was. And when the day finally arrived, Brittany was in a frenzy. She kept fixing her hair in the mirror, she kept smoothing out her shirt of wrinkles, and she kept asking Mr. Pierce if she looked good. After sitting on the couch for ten minutes, each minute seeming like an eternity, a knock on the door signified the arrival of her girlfriend.

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The blonde leapt up from her seat and bolted towards the door, haphazardly grabbing her jacket off the rack as she did and slipping it on. She opened the door and grinned when she saw Santana. Brittany turned back to the house. With that, the Latina spun on her heels, and walked over to her bike.

Brittany nodded and walked over to Santana on her bike. She placed her hands on Santana's shoulders and stepped up onto the bike's back pegs. At first she was a little shaky, but she soon found balance.

Luckily, Winter hadn't really set in yet so there would be little snow in their way during the ride. Brittany told Santana she was ready, and in moments, Santana pedaled forward, taking off. The wind blowing her hair back, riding on a bike with Santana, going on a date. It was perfect, and the blonde couldn't be happier. Brittany kept asking where they would be going along the way, but Santana had kept her mouth shut, much to Brittany's annoyance.

Santana pedaled a little harder when her destination came into view. Santana pointed at the building, and when Brittany saw it, her jaw dropped. But they're like…super expensive. Well, that, and nobody we know is likely to be there, Santana thought. Santana rode into the parking lot and stopped her bike near a bush. Brittany hopped off, and Santana hid her bike behind the bush so nobody could see it. Santana turned and walked over to her girlfriend, who was smiling at her. Santana asks Brittany to go with her to New York after their trip, Brittany accepts.

In the studio, Santana suggests that they should get out of the studio and explore New York. However, Mercedes' producer rejected their duet because Santana isn't famous enough.

brittany and santana from glee dating

Because of that, Mercedes asked Santana to sign a contract so that Santana could sing a duet with Mercedes in the latter's album. When Santana found out that Rachel is stuck in Los Angeles because of her audition for a television show, she suggests that she would play Fanny Brice for the night. The next day, Santana said that she would be a better friend.

Brittany and Mercedes will meet her in Reno for Mercedes' mall tour.

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Along with Quinn and Brittany, she performs " Problem " by Ariana Grande in an attempt to recruit cheerleaders to join the revamped New Directions, currently being revived by Rachel. Their attempt got discouraged by Kitty, the current Cheerios captain and a former glee club member who is bitter with the alumni. Santana succeeds in persuading two twin cheerleaders to audition. She also performs " Take On Me " and " Home " with the alumni around the school.

However, Kurt disagrees with their decision, but Santana insults him by telling him that Blaine broke off his proposal because Kurt is weird. Brittany takes matters into her own hands and tries to invite Alma to the wedding, but Alma's prejudice is too strong and she rejects their engagement, and Brittany tells her off for doing so. Later the New Directions serenade them in an attempt to be invited to their upcoming wedding. She and Brittany are wed in a double ceremony with Kurt and Blaine, because Brittany wanted it that way, in the eighth episode A Wedding.

Before the ceremony, Sue arrives with Alma, who she has helped to realize that although she may not believe females should marry each other, family is the most important thing, leading her and Santana to reconcile. Santana and Brittany return briefly in the series final " Dreams Come True " for a last performance with the rest of the Glee Cast.

brittany and santana from glee dating

Development[ edit ] Over the course of the series, Santana Rivera, pictured begins to struggle with her sexual identity. Before her casting on Glee, Naya Rivera had made numerous appearances in small roles on popular primetime television shows.

In casting Glee, series creator Ryan Murphy sought actors who could identify with the rush of starring in theatrical roles. Auditioning actors with no theatrical experience were required to prove they could sing and dance as well as act.

She's really witty so I love playing her. She finds the show's pacing challenging, especially the dancing, and commented in June that her most memorable moment on Glee was performing the Cheerios' glee club audition piece, " I Say a Little Prayer ".

In Aprilwhen asked if any of "the guys" were Santana's soul mate, Rivera answered, "I think that Brittany is her soul mate. I think that they should end up together. I do think they're soul mates. Outlook Not so good", Rivera expressed the reason for such strong fan response: That's kind of my reason for hoping they continue the storyline. Brittana was always on. Falchuk describes Santana, from this point, as having come out internally to herself, but being afraid of coming out to her peers.

She might not be ready to come out yet, but she is. Critical response[ edit ] The relationship between Santana Naya Rivera, left and Brittany Heather Morris, right has been well received by critics and viewers.

When a promotional clip for the episode " Sectionals " indicated that Brittany and Santana had slept together, Dorothy Snarker, writing for lesbian entertainment website AfterEllen. Snarker called the two her "new favorite Glee pairing", commenting that: Sandra Gonzalez of Entertainment Weekly was somewhat surprised by the storyline, observing that Santana had not previously been portrayed as "so serious and vulnerable", but enjoyed the depth it brought to her character.

Club deemed it the best storyline of the episode, saying it was almost alone the reason the episode received a "B". He called the scene where Santana confessed her feelings for Brittany one of the best moments of the season. Rivera's really come into her own this season, going from just a generic bitchy cheerleader to an actual character who has motivations and might be a better villain for the show than Sue.

The reveal about Santana hasn't washed away her less savory qualities; indeed, it's heightened them, to a degree, as she struggles to be true to herself and still maintain her status as the hottest girl in school.

It is just brilliant from Mercedes first belting to the snaps on the beat to the choreography with the girls walking in a circle and making little whispers to Santana bringing tears to my eyes singing 'Someone Like You' as if it was the last song she'll ever sing in her damn life.