Are noel fielding and paloma faith dating

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are noel fielding and paloma faith dating

To some, TV's friendliest goth Noel Fielding is the ultimate catch. According to MSN, Fielding's been dating the radio presenter and writer for seven years. which sees them follow in the footsteps of their pal, Paloma Faith. Would the real Paloma Faith please stand up? The cover of the He's a friend of Noel's (Fielding) and I'm a friend of Noel's." It has been a long. After 5 months she see's her Ex-Boyfriend Noel Fielding, what will happen? How does she feel? I haven't seen Paloma Faith for a few months being back in Australia. She begged me to Yes I was dating Noel Fielding! Except things got .

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are noel fielding and paloma faith dating

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