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AHS Freak Show 'Massacres and Matinees' Review: Terrifying Clowns Need Love, Too

Much of Episode 2 — "Massacres and Matinees" — is devoted to the separate See also: 'American Horror Story' Premiere: Television Killed the Freak Show Star . “Amuse me clown — I'm sure mother has paid you handsomely,” Dandy . The internet roasts Trump for saying the wall will be made of. Another day, another Norman Bates wannabe. The character Dandy is becoming more prominent on American Horror Story: Freak Show than I. Massacres and Matinees Poster . Release Date: Elsa Mars: No matinees. Freak Show has poorly written characters trying to deliver great performances.

The character Dandy is becoming more prominent on American Horror Story: Freak Show than I would have guessed, and he is satisfyingly pathological, if not particularly original.

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His repressed-momma's-boy-serial-killer routine has been well-traversed since Psycho I also just finished the second season of The Following, and he both looks and acts a lot like Sam Underwood's characterbut his partnership with Twisty and his relationship with the other freaks makes him more intriguing.

He is clearly a "freak" in his soul; the freakiest, in fact, because he has no tangible marks like webbed fingers or microcephaly that caused him to become a freak as a result of societal rejection.

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The other freaks won't accept him because he's "too normal," and they presumably wouldn't accept Twisty because he's "too freaky. This dynamic is perfectly encapsulated by the introduction of Michael Chiklis's strongman and his place in the freak show hierarchy. While the other "freaks" have deformities that are automatically viewed by society as horrifying defects, the strongman is just an exaggeration of "ideal" masculinity.

As a result, he immediately becomes the alpha male, easily dominating all the others in the freak show who struggle with self-loathing and disgust. Dandy, by contrast, is a pure manifestation of the effects of emasculation, and so is a kindred spirit to the other freaks much more than the strongman, who effectively embodies the privilege and entitlement of the outside.

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One could make the argument that Desiree has a similarly privileged position, but between her female gender identity and her hermaphroditism, I would argue that her place among the freaks is much more nuanced.

We can see this position of power in the way he treats Meep the Geek as completely expendable. He treats the others like they are, in fact, "freaks," much more than Dandy ever would. Which brings us to what American Horror Story does best besides weird sex and body horror: One minute, we think we're watching a silly show, and then the next, we're watching one of the darkest shows on television.

One minute everything's fine, the next Michael Chiklis is about to snap a baby's neck, or Meep's dead body is dropped unceremoniously in a sack, leaving us to imagine his probable rape and horrible death. These jarring tonal shifts also managed to do the impossible: During dinner, Dandy Finn Wittrock throws a tantrum over his constant boredom and storms away from his house. Later while driving, his mother Gloria Frances Conroy encounters Twisty roadside and asks him to come entertain Dandy as she will pay him handsomely.

Dandy talks with Jimmy and begs to join the troupe, but Jimmy says that without a deformity, he won't do well. Gloria introduces Dandy to Twisty. Dandy looks in Twisty's bag until Twisty knocks out Dandy with a pin and runs off. He enters their cage and Bonnie smacks him with a wooden board and they escape, dislodging Twisty's mask in the process, revealing his lower jaw is missing and he essentially has no mouth. Bonnie runs into Dandy, who has followed Twisty, and begs for help.

Dandy brings her back to Twisty, who has caught Corey, as all four enter the bus. On the main stage, Bette tries to sing but fails horribly. Elsa insists that they don't need a talent, since they have two heads. Dell insists on matinees to get around the curfew but Elsa rejects the idea. Jimmy brings some carnies to the diner, wanting to be served, as disgusted patrons complain or leave.

Paul Mat Fraser grabs a plate another patron left behind, but the waitress Mariana Vicente refuses to let him eat it. Dell angrily hauls Jimmy out and beats him in the street, upset that the troupe has given a "free show" at the diner.

Back at the grounds, Elsa has had a change of heart and lets Dell try to host the freak show as she thinks it's good to have him around. The crowd reacts warmly while Elsa watches from the sidelines, clearly jealous. The police return to search the camp after receiving an anonymous tip leading them to Dell.

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Jimmy attempted to frame Dell by planting the deceased detective's badge in his trailer, but Dell moved the badge under Meep's bedroll. Meep is arrested and shoved into a cell with angry locals. Elsa visits Bette, who is upset that she could not be the star her sister is.

Elsa tells her that the fickle crowd will see her as the star soon.